Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Family | Landon Reid is Born| Greensboro NC Birth Photographer

This is a hard post to write, a joyous time in our family cut short. The birth that should have happened months down the road, happened today. I was there to witness my sister's first baby come into the world. I was the first to see his sweet head no bigger than a peach. He is only 28 weeks gestation and has a lot of hard roads ahead of him, please keep angles around him Lord.

We went to visit him at 2 days new for some loving and photos!

We also went to see him at 5 days new and got to take him out of his plastic home environment long enough for them to change his bed!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Before & After Edits| Hanging Baby |Graham NC Newborn Photographer

Showing off before and after images certainly isnt my forte! BUT this one was requested and I am all for baby safety. SO showing composition and composit type photos is very important. In 95% of newborn photography, at least in my studio, there is a hand on the baby at all times and the other 5% the hand is somewhere only centimeters away. The great thing is; is that you, the public never see this!

Each photo below shows the SOOC image, just as it looked from my camera. This image is ONLY shot with a newborn that is very sleepy and isnt wiggling around. Now the funny thing is, that miss Sadie here was one of my more wiggly babies but she loved being all cozied up!

You will notice that there are two shots below and the baby's head is turned differently. I did this on purpose as her arm wasnt quite where I needed it to be, but in post processing I prefered her face tilted toward me over the 2nd photo.

Please fully understand neborns and have adequate help before ever attempting this type of shot. There is alot of studying and time that goes into obtaining this one shot. Just ask Sadies Mom!!! Her poor hand got mighty tired!