Saturday, January 31, 2015

Smash Cake Session | Happy Birthday Dilon! | Burlington NC Baby & Children's Photographer

So excited to see this little one turn one! It certainly is ONEderful! He was full of smiles and mischievous grins. AND boy, this guy loved his cake!!! See for yourself.....

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fresh48 | Haven is Here! | Burlington / Greensboro / Triad Area NC Birth and Newborn Photographer

I met this little ones Mommy, when I posted an all-call for help in designing a new logo. I had always made my own logo and marketing materials in the past and was just wanting to pop it up a notch this time. She took everything I wanted and incorporated it into a meaningful logo for me!!! I have not gotten around to explaining the logo since I started using it, but thought today would be a perfect day to debut the logo as her new daughter debuts on the blog!

So here it is!!! This logo is everything all rolled into one meaningful word for us. Family. My Family is my soul, my life, my everything. We have been blessed to bring our families together my husband and I making one family from broken pieces of past relationships.The two circles inside the camera represent he and I and the circle we have created. There are 6 little squares under our circles, representing our 6 children. Each of those pieces create a camera which is where a families memories are held including ours. ILY I was told means I love you. So it was perfect that it would be part of a spelling to the word, Family. To set those abbreviations apart we used the parentheses. So, now you know! Now a part of our family is with yours forever and we are so thankful and humbled that you have chosen us to capture those memories for you! <3

Now that I have given her work the applaud it deserved months ago, please forgive me, lets get to the really important part of this post!!! World meet Haven! This tiny little one entered the world this week and I was able to see her at less than 24 hours new. She is just gorgeous and makes some of the cutest faces. I can't wait to see her for her newborn session!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Birthday Session | Lillian is 1! | Burlington NC Baby & Child Photographer

I am honored when I am chosen to have repeat customers. The biggest compliment EVER is having you come back for another session with me! I especially love seeing how much these little  bits grow.

Miss Lillian came to me at just 7 days new. Now she is on the fast track to walking and and being a big girl as her 1st birthday quickly approaches. Happy birthday little cookie loving, diva!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Birth/ Fresh 48| Harper is here! | Winston-Salem NC Birth and Newborn Photography

I am so excited this little peanut finally made her way! Her sweet Momma and I went to school together as children and have talked and planned big plans for her birth and first photos. Little did we know she would make her own plans! 

Harper decided to turn breech just hours before her due date induction. Her Momma had no idea until an exam and was then set for surgery just hours later. Due to the c-section, the new little sweetheart had some fluid on her lungs and needed to spend the night in the NICU so we waited about 36 hours to meet and do her first photos.

What an angel she is though! She is so gorgeous and at 8lbs 1oz she feels so tiny, but I guess it is due to me having a bunch of big monsters running around my house now days ;)

Congratulations Will & Sheena!!! Harper is a beauty and I cannot wait for her Newborn Session!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family Session | The R Family | Wisnton-Salem NC Baby & Family Photographer

Such an adorable family I was able to photograph at Old Salem before Christmas. Little bit is so pensive and watchful but has such a sweet bubbly side too!!! I enjoyed meeting you all and working with you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Newborn | Katherine "Kate" | Burlington NC Newborn Photographer

This tiny little peanut, little squishy squish, ugh I could just eat her up. She is t-tiny and perfect in every way! Such a good girl for her session. Not a peep! She was awake for a good long while but just laid there content with the happenings going on around her. 

her big sisters have been in front of my lens many times and it is so perfectly amazing to have here here too! Her big sisters ADORE her, with no hesitation!

I'm so in love with this little bit and her images! Enjoy V Family!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Newborn Session| Reid| Burlington NC Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Reid is here!!! I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little guy and his new family at the hospital for a Fresh session, so I was so excited to see them again. I just love his images. Love, Love, Love

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fresh 48| Baby Kate is here! | Burlington/ Winston-Salem/ Triad NC Birth and Newborn Photographer

I love going to the hospital, going to meet the newest miracle a family has been blessed with. I love seeing the excitement, the tired faces, the tiny little yawns, and huge smiles.

Kate's Mom is a lovely friend of mine. I would not have traded my two hour visit with them for anything else that morning. Seeing her visitors and even her hearing test done! So exciting! Today Lisa, Kate's mom posted on Facebook, " I LOVE this, I keep looking back at it. I don't know how you made that hospital room look so dreamy!"

And, I told her the only real thing I could. "Every hospital room is filled with a magical miracle and tons of hopes and dreams. It is very easy to see how dreamy it is!"

Welcome to the world , Katherine Jordan.