Friday, February 27, 2015

Fresh 48 | Newborn Lucas & Bennett | Burlington NC/ Greensboro NC/ Triad area Newborn and Birth Photographer

Twins have such a sweet spot in my heart! With my identical twin boys being 6 now, I very much miss the newborn stage and absolutely love anytime I get to be around newborn twins.

These sweet boys arrived at 37 weeks with healthy weights doing great! They arrived on the front end of our recent snow storm here and we were a little concerned I might not make it in time. But, we pulled it off with a few hours to spare before all the fluffy white goodness fell from the heavens.

Happy going home day boys! See you soon for your newborn session!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maternity | Ashley | Burlington NC Maternity Photographer

Bless Ashley, she came and modeled for me to work on some indoor maternity poses. With specializing in Birth and Newborn Photography, naturally baby bumps are a special time that should be documented.

Thank you Ashley for sharing that beautiful belly with me!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Family | A Genealogy Special | High Point NC Family Photographer

My Gramma, she is super special. And yes she isn't the only special Gramma around but she is my Gramma, so to me she is the most amazing. And of course my recent Remembrance Photo session, hits home and makes me really think about the times I have with her.

My Grampa, he passed away June 4th, 2010. It is hard to believe it is almost 5 years. I can still see his smile and hear his little diddies. Alzheimer's is such a thief, comes in the night and steals from our loved ones. But I refuse to let it steal my memories of him.

Today we had a girl day with my Mom, my Gramma, and my Daughter. We had lunch together. We visited Grampa's grave and left nice fresh flowers, he loved flowers! And I also took the opportunity to do a photo I had been wanting to try out for a while. This is a perfect time. A nice day, a warm day for February. I totally happened across a location I had been desiring to find but most photographers don't share info about venues :( so you must scout them on your own!

So here ya go!!

And of course my Mom!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Remembrance Photography | Pap Pap | Burlington/ Asheboro/ Greensboro Family Photographer

There comes a time in everyone's life when our circle is nearing completion. We don't know when that time will be and can only plan so much for it. No one is ready to give up those we love. When given devastating health news we always jump to the worst conclusions. But those times that we have after a diagnosis are precious times of reflection and memory making. 

Even after a diagnosis comes, no one is guaranteed another day. Anyone of us could go before our eldest family member does. Anyone of us could pass away before the sickest in our family. We just don't know what is in store. And who knows if the diagnosis given isn't wrong or can't be fixed or helped. 

Having the opportunity to capture memories in the making and enjoy that person fully enriches not only their life and what ever time they do have here, it enriches yours and your children's lives also.

Please pray for Bob aka "Pap Pap" this family has been given some news that they would not have wished for, that they did not want, but that is ultimately making them thankful for the time they have. This strong man, whom you would not know was sick loves his family. Even though I knew from a prior talk that he was hurting during the day of this session, you would not have known it! He played with his grandbabies and made sure to show them all of him and his love. We arrived at Lake Lucas and the boys fished with Pap, took a little walk and played a game of run through the canoes and scare us to death when you are too close to waters edge. Whew a wonderful afternoon! Just look at the smiles we shared. 

I never fully know what a family is expecting in their images. I cannot see in their mind as they cannot see in my camera while I am shooting. But everything I captured that day and everything I capture for each family becomes a lasting part of their story. If I am lucky enough I provide some kind of comfort and even joy in the midst of a trying and sometimes terrifying time.

If your family is faced with decisions and obstacles due to a diagnosis of cancer or other life and time altering situation please consider having someone capture time of your family just living and loving. These will remind his family forever of his love, his smile, and his joy.......even if he beats the odds and can enjoy these right along with them! If you don't reach us by phone, email, or facebook right away, remember we are out capturing these memories for another family and we will set up a time right away to capture your family and memories in the making.

<3 Leslie

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Newborn Session | Haven 5 Days New | Burlington NC Newborn Photographer

Little tiny 5 pound peanut, not a squall came out of her sweet little body during her session, such cooperation almost as if she knew exactly what she was in for and how much she wanted to please Mom and I.

This beautiful girl also has a big sister just as gorgeous with long blonde hair, and coincidentally she wanted to name her sister, Punzel. "Oh, Rapunzel let down your hair!" her favorite line from the Disney movie, Rapunzel to which all credit is given on her gorgeous naming choice! Now don't tell big sister that this is not her name, she is not a fan of that part. But she is 3 so someday she may outgrow this name but I am almost sure it will stick as a nickname for little sister for quite sometime.

Smash Cake Session| Isabelle Is ONE! | Burlington NC Baby & Children's Photographer

Isabelle is one of my lovely Baby Planners and I am over the moon excited at the beautiful baby girl she is!! You can find Isabelle's NEWBORN session and 6 MONTH sessions here on the blog also so you too can see how she has grown.

We have carried one theme throughout here year! Just in time for more Super Bowl action although they are not in it this year!