Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby Session| Happy Birthday Ava! | Burlington NC Baby & Children's Photographer

Recently, I met this lovely pair at Elon University, where we played in the grass, rolled around like sillies, and ate cake......lots of cake! Come to find out this little sweetheart was a roomie to my preemie nephew, Landon. (You can view his Hospital images & Newborn images also!) I had no idea who they were at first but up on talking we learned that their birthdays are only a week apart and they were both in the NICU until September 2014.

Sweet Ava has come a long ways since her tiny beginnings. I am always honored that families choose me to capture their most precious memories and a first birthday is certainly a momentous occasion! Happy Birthday Ava!

Newborn | Amelia | Burlington NC Newborn and Baby Photographer

Welcome to the blog sweet tiny peanut! Little Miss A came to the studio for her newborn session at 1 week new, she slept beautifully and is such a curly girlie! Miss A is also a baby planner so you will see tons more of her throughout the year. You can check in to see how much she has changed from her Fresh48 session till now.

Enjoy your photos B Family!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Newborn| The New Little Brother| Burlington NC Fine Art Newborn Photographer

My run of newborn boys is continuing! This tiny little peanut came to the studio at 11 days new. Most 11 day olds I have had are not interested in a thing I want to do, actually the opposite. I want them to sleep, they are awake! I want them to curl up, they always stretch out! Not this little guy, he was such a dream baby!

I am certainly glad I met you and your big brother! Enjoy your photos!

Newborn| Jekilah | Burlington NC Fine Art Newborn Photographer

Oh sweet sweet chubby girl! As soon as I saw her in her carseat I squealed!!!! I never had babies that had any kind of chubs, all of them were like little stick people, lol. So the chubs steal my heart! On top of being squishy sweet, she slept like a dream and was so snuggly!

Enjoy that new baby Mama!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Maternity Session | Awaiting The L#3 | Burlington NC Fine Art Maternity and Birth Photographer

Stunning. Every time I look at these images I am just so happy. I have been photographing this family since the first little L was born and now we are a few weeks shy of meeting the third little L.  We combined a beautiful maternity session with their annual family session. 

Looking back at the photos from early on kinda makes me want to delete my first images but I know they are still part of their story and even a part of my own. So don't judge me on how far I have come, just enjoy the beauty you find in these other sessions as well. I am extremely blessed to have clients who have grown with me and trusted me along the way, with years of photographic memories.

I mean seriously I think they need an award! But I do say the best award, has been the amazing friendship we have created, they are truly my family now!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Child Session| She Dances | Burlington NC/ Greensboro NC Children's Fine Art Photography

She dances. She is beautiful. She is graceful. She is the epitome of amazing. This girl, yes she is much more than just a dancer. Every time I have the pleasure of seeing this family, she has expanded her sense of self and desires and grown so very much. She is caring, loving, and carefree. She is kind, special, and a joy.

Thank you Morgan for showing me some of your costumes and moves. You are amazing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Child Session| Baylen is summer ready!| Burlington NC Childrens Photography

You guys have seen this cutie with FP since she was 8 months old! This little sweetie will be starting Kindergarten this year and wow!!!! it makes me feel old but loved :)

Work it girl! She is growing up to be such a beauty!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fresh48 | She is here! | Burlington NC/ Greensboro NC Birth and Hospital Photographer

This little sweetie has been ready to see the world for quite some time! Her Mommy contacted me months and months ago and I have been following along with her journey. After a lengthy bed rest and anti natal  stay in the hospital she was finally allowed to go home. Little miss wanted nothing to do with that and was born about a month early.

Healthy as can be and cute as a button, this beautiful girl is going to run her show! A tiny little peanut at just a little over 6 pounds and 18 inches long but feisty. It must be a girl thing!

Welcome to the world sweet little one, and welcome to the FP Family Baby Planners! I am so excited to watch you and your spunk for life grow. <3

Friday, June 5, 2015

Family Session| Bring the whole Family| Greensboro NC/ Burlington NC Family and Child Photography

I have always said referrals and word of mouth is my greatest compliment and marketing strategy. Making sure that I provide quality, affordability, and something people want to come back for is the only way to get that referral. So as much as I love my current and past clients and all of their referrals, that means I get to meet new families like this family!

Mary contacted me wanting to do family portraits while her family was in town. Even though they are one of the larger groups I have done, they were one of the best! So accommodating and patient. AND FUN!

Enjoy your images!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Newborn | D3 | Burlington NC Newborn Fine Art Photographer

Oh sweet little boy, you are so handsome and such a pleasure to work with just like your Mommy and Daddy! This little dude is the third in a line of Darius Lamont Green's and his family lovingly refers to him as D3!!! I love it!

Enjoy your beautiful boy and your beautiful images!