Saturday, February 27, 2016

Newborn Session | Sweet Pippa | Burlington NC Newborn Photographer

Meet Pippa! Sweet Pippa, really cared nothing for my antics. I tried whispering sweet nothings to her but eh, she did not like that much either. :) But like I explained to her Mrs. Leslie always wins and can stay awake way longer than she can :) This sweet little girl slept beautifully and I am so anxious for her family to see her images. She is gorgeous and I love her images!


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Newborn Session | Darling Emma | Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photographer

I am not sure it can get much cuter than this tiny nugget! This little curly girlie is so sweet and I am in love with her images! Pssst she looks divine in purple might I add!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Newborn Session | The Wild Thing | Burlington North Carolina Newborn & Family Photographer

A few years ago I started volunteering for a wonderful organization called Capturing Hopes Photography. In that position, I met so may great people. Megan is one of them. Although we had never officially met in person we have talked, became good friends, and talked often about photography.

When Megan came to me wanting newborn portraits made for her 3rd son, I was so excited, nervous, and humbled. Doing sessions for other photographers gives me an anxiety complex. Wanting everything to be perfect and not wanting them to regret choosing you for the job.

I enjoyed this session immensely.  Having only a few directives that still allowed me creative flow was so welcoming. Coming to the table without great expectations or a Pinterest board full of wants makes newborn sessions so much easier in an already demanding time.

Enjoy your "Wild Thing" G family. I am so blessed to have finally met you in person, played and snuggled your baby, and am honored to call you friends.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Baby Session | Harper is ONEderful! | Burlington NC Baby & Child Photographer

It is so hard to believe it has been a year already! A year since I met this adorable little girlie of a dear friend, at the hospital. A year since we did her Newborn session. And 6 months since we captured her and her family together at 6 months!

Having friends with babies is God's blessings to me. He sends me reminders of his love through my friends and family and those I get the chance to photograph <3

Enjoy Harper AND Happy Birthday!

And a year later, the birthday girl!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Newborn | Lela |Burlington NC Newborn & Baby Photographer

Meet Lela, such a sweet little old soul in a newborns body! And it helps that she has her Grandmother's name and my Grandmother's middle name :) Lela and I became fast friends after she realized the little movements I was making to pose her would not hurt or wake her up! lol silly little baby! She allowed me to pose her and she slept wonderfully!

Okay World, meet Lela!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Birth | A New Nephew is Born | Greensboro/ Burlington/ Triad Area NC Birth Photographer

What joy! A new member of the family to love and cherish. A new baby boy, a nephew! I was all set to arrive and be there to capture his birth after so many long awaited months. We had already been to the hospital with false labor and seriously thought he would have arrived much sooner. BAM!!!!

Colton Zayne Ward decided to arrive while Aunt Leslie is seriously turning the corner to the hospital parking lot.  I was so depressed, my sister was too, but he was healthy and that is what mattered! A sweet friend we went to school with was there to deliver her birthing tub and was so kind as to pick up my camera, already set and ready, and snap these.

So while I cannot take credit for the camera work, I edited them to match Colton's images I have done and am just so smitten with him, that they need to be shared! Thank you Kimberly!

Newborn| Bright Eyed Levi | Burlington NC Newborn & Baby Photographer

Sweet 9 week old Levi is a tad older than most of my "newborns" but his Mommy really wanted a few snaps and we have some amazing newborn-esque images of him!


Newborn | Dani Leigh | Burlington NC Newborn & Baby Photographer

I am so in love with her hair! Every image I was like, ahhh ahhh , so cute, etc! She is just cuteness overload :) Enjoy your images sweet family!