Thursday, June 16, 2016

Newborn Session| Asher | Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photographer

Hello Handsome! Everyone meet this handsome boy! I had to wait patiently for his arrival for pictures as he came down with a serious infection and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. I was so glad to get ahold of him and snuggle with him. As you can see, he is pretty snuggly!!!!


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Newborn| She is amazing! | Burlington NC Newborn & Family Photographer

There is this girl.............. and she ROCKED her session! i am so i n love with her and her images it makes me giddy :) Sweet Mia came to the studio recently and her session is one of my favorites!

Enjoy friend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Santa Experience

Dates are booked with Santa, he will be flying in from the North Pole in November just for FP clients! please email for more information and booking information!

Newborn| Choosing A Newborn Photographer | Burlington NC Newborn & Baby Photogrpaher

It is true , they will never be as little again as they are today. You hear people say it all the time, "cherish them, they grow so fast", and while there are so many things to cherish and times we are almost positive we will never forget you will have moments like I did this past week. And you will wonder where the time has gone.

["My oldest son, Blake, my first baby, my first boy, my first of so many things............the baby that had 3 scrapbooks by his first year of life because I didn't want to forget anything. Fast forward almost 16 years. Blake comes in from baseball practice, where he is the starting pitcher for his team. He grabs a glass, fills it with water, and leans back on the sink to drink and take a breath. As I am watching him, it feels like I am seeing new things about him every second. Gosh you got tall, hey how did your hair change so much, facial hair? Wait what??! And all the while this boy turned man lives in my home and I see him, hug him, and do life with him everyday. But I took those things in and kinda filed them away. "]

That is where photographs come in. Being able to look back and recall every second that time has pushed away. You were there and we always will be (we hope) but those things we file away are so important to have proof of. So why choose newborn photography you ask?

Simple. They are only this little once. There will never be a day that they are as small as they are today. Did you know within 2 weeks time a newborn's face is and has already changed? Yes us Mommies still consider them newborns.

Now why choose Us as your Newborn and Baby Photographer.
                    * Comfortable, Secure, Homey, Private environment in my home studio
                    * Wide array of props all for you to choose from
                    * Large assortment of blankets, hats, headbands, and accessories to complete the lok during your session
                    * Knowledgeable and Skilled professional, I work with your baby myself. Your baby's care and comfort are of utmost concern during your session. There is no "training" of  others or assistants posing your baby here at Family Photography.

Here are some things clients have to say about their session with us.

"I can see why so many people call Leslie the baby whisperer. She is absolutely amazing. I say that not only based on the quality of her photos but also because of the way she patiently consoled by 17 day old baby and captured the most beautiful faces and poses. My husband and I could not be more pleased and look forward to seeing Leslie again for our little girl's 6 month old pictures!- Sartin Family"

"Leslie has a very special gift, one that can only come from having six kids and a genuine passion for photography. During our newborn session, the things that stood out the most were Leslie's attention to detail and her abounding amount of patience. The quality of the pictures captured are extraordinary and represent everything that Leslie stands for. Perfection. Thank you so much Family Photography by Leslie- NC Newborn & Baby Photographer, -Eric, Amanda and Olivia."


With that said, this tiny little new girl came to visit me lately. She is so adorable and has such a cute face, and very well behaved ;) I love meeting new families and especially when they know my family or a friend of the family.

I enjoyed meeting you all! Enjoy your images P Family!