Friday, September 16, 2016

Summer Beauty| Isla Visits the Wildflowers| Burlington North Carolina Baby & Childrens Photographer

We frolicked in the field of wildflowers and played until the sun set on us. We picked them and threw them around, and sweet memories of being a small child filled my head. Isla is at such a wondrous age, which makes these sessions such fun. Squealing with delight, lifting her tiny legs over the enormous flower stalks......

well you'll see!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Turning 30 Never Looked So Fine! | Burlington North Carolina Photographer

It is not often I photograph adults. Normally it is with a newborn session or even an outdoor family session. But this week it was my gorgeous friend's turn. Turning 30!

Happy Birthday sweetness!

Baby Session| Oh! Drew.... | Burlington North Carolina Baby Photographer

Oh Drew!

I am sure this family will be saying these words for many many years to come. They won't just be a cute hashtag on Facebook or used to describe her precious bubbly self on Instagram.............. real terms. they will become. I mean just look at her! There is not a possible way that this little precious tiny human doesn't exude that cheerful, sweet accumulation of traits that I think of when I hear.....Oh Drew!

Our session could not have went better.....well unless she smiled non stop and didn't make Aunt Leslie work for every little grin we got. BUT we cracked a few so I am thrilled. I would take a session this delightful any Sunday <3

Oh Drew................. please slow down! Happy 4 months baby girl.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Silhouette Sessions| Burlington North Carolina Family & Child Photographer

Wow! What a great summer it has been. I sit here at the beginning of September and reflect on what a great time we have had. I have also been blessed to use my creative juices this summer doing these silhouette minis.

I had an idea. I executed that idea with my own children and the rest is history. I am excited that I could reach so many friends with this project. Thank you guys for spending a few minutes with me in an odd location and allowing me the opportunity to create a little bit of magic for you!