Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Family| The Wise Family| Burlington / Mebane North Carolina Family Photographer

This family is so much fun and stylish to boot! Look at all the beauty that just exudes from these images!! I was so excited to meet up with Katie Wise and her family on a recent Sunday after church and get these images made for them.

I have come to know Katie through her amazing ability to create scrumptious and healthy meals, Through her business, Dining Wisely. I have linked it right here<< just in case! ;) But in all seriousness this lady can cook! My family has enjoyed several of her dishes and we are excited to try more!!

Now on to the family behind this great food!

Family | A Little Christmas Cheer| Burlington North Carolina Family Photographer

Oh this family is FUN! We laughed and giggled so much during their session. It makes being friends and doing pictures fun and always interesting!

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Newborn | Aria | Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photographer

This sweet little chubster came to me on a recommendation of their friend. That my friends is the BEST kind of flattery. Thank you to the P family and their friends for the referral.

Sweet Aria has the chunkiest sweet cheeks that I could have munched on all day while we played. I think her sister is so in love as she could not stop kissing her cheeks, I promise yal if I kissed babies while working she would have been sugared up!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Family| The V Family| Burlington North Carolina Family Photographer

Happy Fall Yal! It is one of my favorite things to say every since Paula Deen coined the phrase "Hey Y'all" during her cooking show segments.

I enjoyed meeting this super sweet family with some super silly boys! Enjoy V Family!

Newborn| Bentley Cole| Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photographer

Choosing a Newborn Photographer is quite the job! I applaud you though, for researching and checking out your available options. Here are some tips I have for you today to help you choose:

* Investment. While I know most of us dislike talking money and spending money chances are you do realize that you get what you pay for. Making sure that you stay within budget is super important for your family, and attaining the most for your money is smart. I will also say that Newborn Portraiture is an expensive hobby or business. Not including your normal gear and expenses you also must make sure you have props, headbands, cute outfits, caps, blankets, wraps etc the list goes on and on. You need education to make sure you are in the know on how and what to do. You should also be first aid and CPR certified for those just in case moments that no one thinks will happen but you need to be prepared for. All of this is money and needs to be taken seriously for newborn professionals.

*Style. Style is after all very important! You will be looking at these portraits for years and years to come!! Making sure that you like how the photos look of the professional you choose is very important. If you do not like what you see, you wil not a) want to display it b) recommend that photographer or business c) be happy with your purchase.

*Safety. The huge one! Safety is the biggest biggest thing to consider. Talk to your photographer. Find out how many newborns they have worked with, how many years they have been posing and photographing newborns. There is an art and a science behind this work. You cannot just start out knowing nothing and pose newborns safely. It takes knowledge, time and thoughtful consideration. You can always ask for recommendations from friends or ask the photographer in question if they have clients that you could talk to! I know I do!

Above it all make sure that the person you entrust with your tiniest new blessing will be as tender and loving as you are if not more! <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Newborn| Zander| Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photogrpaher

Hello sweet handsome boy! That hair and those cheeks........ I could eat him up! I hope you enjoyed your session and your beautiful images! Congratulations again!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Newborn| Little E| Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photographer

A sweet treat to get to see this tiny human twice in a short window of time! To see Ellie's fresh session click here! Ellie brought her whole family with her and I am excited with how their sibling pictures came out. Mom will be pleased I am sure! Enjoy your new little love!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Birthday Session| Happy First Birthday Aubrey! | Burlington North Carolina Baby & Family Photographer

This sweet little beauty has grown up before my eyes! Happy birthday little one! To revisit Aubrey's first year please her sessions here and here!