Monday, March 27, 2017

Lifestyle Newborn| A Sweet New Brother..... | Elon North Carolina Newborn and Family Photographer

I am so honored when I am invited into your home to capture your family and the essence of the magic that happens there. Thank you for having me in your home, enjoy your sweet new little man!

Newborn | Baby I | Burlington North Carolina Newborn Photographer

This little sweetie came to see me at just 11 days young. What a beauty! The sweetest skin, cheeks and oh that hair!

Thank you H Family for allowing me to photograph your sweet miracle girl!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Newborn Session| The Newest Carolina Fan | North Carolina Newborn & Family Photogrpaher

Wooo woo! With UNC in the Sweet 16 it seemed appropriate to post this blog posting today.

What a super sweet family and the cutest little UNC fans ever! Sweet little Baby t came to visit the studio at 24 days new. His big sister is one of the sweetest, gentlest, and watchful sisters ever! I have only had a couple so far like this! Adorable!

I cannot wait to watch you grow little T! Enjoy F Family!

Newborn Session | More Twins!! | Burlington North Carolina Newborn & Baby Photographer

Sweet sweet babies! SO mold-able and soft. These sweet little 19 day new babies were so kind to us and slept so wonderfully. What a blessing they are!

Mom and Dad marveled as we worked and even shed a tear or two. Watching the love they have for these two brought tears to my eyes. They waited a long time and went through many many rounds of interventions to become parents. I borrowed this from "Mom's" Facebook page and I am so in love with it. "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift." 2 Corinthians 9:15

I am so excited to watch these two grow and fill the shoes God has given them!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Newborn Session| The Sweet Hiatt Family| Burlington North Carolina Newborn and Baby Photographer

TWINS!!!!!!!!! Yal all know my fascination with them if you have been around for any length of time at all ;) And it all started with my own twins! So meeting twin families is uber special to me.

This gorgeous bunch came in this winter for photos minus a few other very important siblings that were not home at the time. These brothers are the sweetest guys. So protective and caring.

I enjoyed you guys so much H Family!!

Guest Blogger| What to Wear for your Family Portraits| Burlington NC Family Photographer

I think that finding what to wear has to be the single most anxiety inducing problem during preparations of having your family portraits made. I have a dear sweet friend, Courtney, who is going to share her knowledge of how to make it all come together from the LuLaRoe point of view! Enjoy!

Hi! I am Courtney!

Yal, it’s ravaging through families all across the world. It keeps moms awake for endless nights, tearing through the nation at top speed, causing us to compromise our family values and turning the most composed of people into crazy, unraveled messes. It causes 360-degree head turning and green-vomit-spewing, and don’t deny that you’ve been down that road.

WHAT DO WE WEAR FOR OUR FAMILY PHOTOS?! This age-old question is turning what is supposed to be a fun family experience into one of the most stressful, anxiety-ridden days of our lives. Gone are the days of sitting on a picturesque beach, everyone barefoot wearing a white Polo shirt and khaki pants. Fashion is constantly evolving and it’s putting a lot of pressure on what we wear for our family photos because now we all want to stand out. We’re becoming a little bit more bold with our choices in wardrobe for our photos, which is SO great!  I’m here to make what seems like an overwhelming amount of options a lot easier for you with one word: LuLaRoe.

Right, right, we know you’ve heard of the ‘buttery soft leggings’ and ‘OMG THE CARLY DRESS!’ – these names are becoming so familiar in our households and amongst our circles of friends. ‘Unicorn hunting’ is a real (and very serious) thing, but once you find your favorite style and proper sizing, the world is yours, sister!  Yes, there are even a few styles for our man friends, and dresses for the little girls.

One of the things I hear most often is, “Yes, I’ve heard of LuLaRoe, but I’m just not crazy about all those prints!” Well, guess what, ya’ll- there are solids galore! If you enter this with an open mind, you may even find a non-wild print that you can’t live without. Speaking of solid colors, let me explain a little bit to you about how to mix and match patterns with your family so you don’t look like you’re on an episode of the Teletubbies. As an example, I’m going to pretend there are four people in your family- Two adults (one male, one female) and two children (both girls) – OK so we aren’t pretending, and I’m describing my family, but this is real life and I’m speaking from a place of real experience, mkay?

I like to keep all the prints to a small roar for photos. Small roar meaning you want YOU to be the highlight of the picture, and the wardrobe choice to be an excellent compliment to you, enhancing how beautiful you are! So, google the Color Wheel, and let’s start with the basics. Are you a bold girl? You plus one child wear solid Complimentary colors (colors across from each other on the wheel) – and the other two can wear prints that contain those colors. Let’s be honest, your significant other will most likely be wearing a solid- so split it 50/50 with solids vs. prints- we’re trying to create color AND print balance, here! It’s all about the balance, while keeping self-expression on the forefront. See picture of my family and I above for reference, and tell my husband how great his beard looks!

Also, let’s refrain from wearing things like ‘snake leggings’ and ‘giraffes’ – although these are all so fun, I don’t know if you’d really want to put that picture of you in your snake leggings on your mantel. Now, if you’re super bold and want to show it, throw all the rules out of the window and go with your gut. Like I said, focus on self-expression, not impressing everyone else.

Are you more sophisticated? You should steer towards monochromatic colors. Different shades of Orange, blue, and red are great places to start. You can even blend these colors together throughout your family, just as long as they all coordinate. (Reference your color wheel, and everyone stays safe!) Bear in mind that if you’re having your photos taken outside, green is probably not a great choice as you’ll just be camouflaged with your surroundings. Which brings me to my next subject; the color black. Black is super classy, and looks great on most people. Black leggings are acceptable, always and forever, amen. However, if you all wear black, (or the same color in general) you’re going to appear as one big blob, and nobody will stand out or be able to express their personality. It’s especially hard to capture the personality of a child in a photograph, which is why LuLaRoe is so great. There are dresses with bright flowers, circles, Aztec prints, zoo animals, etc. and they all help get our point across that our little ones are wild and beautiful in their own ways.

(These are my girls- aren’t they the cutest?!)
OK, ladies! This next section is for you. Depending on the weather and location of your photos, here are some awesome pairings that will flatter your figure and highlight your gorgeous features!
Are you post-partum or pregnant, and having pregnancy/newborn family photos taken? Wear a Perfect T with leggings- the Perfect T has a fitted bodice but then flares out at the torso, leaving your post-baby belly hidden. Wearing leggings for your photos is absolutely allowed! Since the Perfect T flares out, you’ll need a slim pant on the bottom to balance the flowy top out. Try to stick with a printed top, and solid leggings. Black leggings are perfect, as they’re slimming!! Having your pregnancy photos taken? Wear a Carly dress, as it will accentuate your precious belly and not the unwanted areas. The maxi skirt is also a wonderful option for pregnant ladies. Not only is it SO stretchy, you can tuck your shirt into it helping to show off that belly. I should also mention that nobody will see your ankles if they’re swelling.

Is it fall/winter, and you’re getting your photos done outside in the cool weather? The Sarah Cardigan is a GREAT compliment to any outfit, and the fitted sleeves will slim your arms so nicely while keeping you stylishly warm. Really, who am I kidding? I wear the Sarah year-round, and it goes perfectly with every single thing I own.

For beach photos, or summertime photos, any LuLaRoe Dress will be fabulous! Let me explain the wonderful features of each one, so you can decide what you’d like to show off (or hide!) for the big day.

-The Nicole dress is the very first dress LuLaRoe came out with. Named after the owner’s daughter, this is a fun grown-up twirly dress that has a full-circle skirt and fitted bodice/arms. The waistline lands right above your belly button, helping to hide the tummy region and highlight your fun side!

-The Amelia dress has an empire waist, and HELLO POCKETS! Keeping your hands busy during photographing is important, so pockets are a great place to put your hands when you don’t know what else to do with them.

-The Carly dress is a swing dress that has a fun high-low cut. The summer breeze drifts right through it without compromising your style. For a more polished look, you can finish the Carly off with a skinny belt right underneath your bust, creating some extra movement in the fabric.

There are several other skirts and dresses that we carry, so playing around with all of them and seeing what works best for you is part of this whole self-discovery process. This is just a highlight of the most frequently used styles. I have been doing this for almost a year now, and I still get excited when I see women’s faces light up as they try all the different styles on– LuLaRoe will truly make you love the skin you’re in, and you’ll feel next-to-naked while wearing it! (DISCLAIMER: Please check for pants before leaving the house)

Last but never least, let’s talk shoes. Shoes are what’s going to make or break these family photos! Ladies, let’s avoid high heels, and platforms. A tasteful wedge, booties/boots, and flats are probably the best option. The kiddos should not wear sneakers- let’s spring for some flats, or boots for them! Heck, let them run around barefoot. That is real childhood, anyway!  Your man friends should try to wear boots or loafers- try to convince them that their New Balances are going to OFF balance the whole thing. Remember that even if you can’t afford new items just for pictures, most of your friends and family would love to loan you some items if it means you looking fabulous. Here’s one more of hubby and I, because I just can’t resist.

I hope this has helped you gather some ideas and inspiration for your upcoming photography session. Keep in mind that you should always try to capture what your family is really like, chaos and all, and not try to give false impressions. That’s why I love LuLaRoe. There is a perfect fit for anyone in any stage of life, and once you find it there’s no turning back!
Lots of Love,
Court <3

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